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Vertical Sunbeds

Vertical tanning sunbeds take up very little room (approximately one square metre). This ensures that they can be put up in most rooms in your home, its like the tanning shop coming to you.

Home Sunbed Hire - Black Shadow small
Home Sunbed Hire - VT20
Home Sunbed Hire VX240

Fully Enclosed Sunbed
Fast Tanning 250w Tubes
Compact Design with Easy Installation
10 Minute Safety Timers as standard
Integrated Cooling Fans
Only Requires 2 X 13amp Plugs
Our vertical sunbeds are compact and can be installed in most home quickly and easily. The sunbeds are delivered in panels which fit through any standard door.

Each unit is around the same size as a standard bathroom shower: 1m² x 184cm High

vertical sunbed 4

Double Sunbeds

Our double sunbeds have a minimum of 18 fast tanning tubes which help deliver that perfect all over tan, these sunbeds are amazing if you like to lay down and relax whilst tanning, no moving around or standing up. 

A double sunbed takes up the same space as a small single bed (approx 6 foot x 25 inches).

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Home Sunbed Hire - doubles image 2
Home Sunbed Hire - doubles image 3

All units are manufactured in top quality pine/fibreglass
Twin 10 minute saftey timers fitted as standard on all beds
All units are curved to give a better tanning experience
Tanning instructions and relevant warnings are given on all beds
Works off 13amp plugs, no special wiring needed
Highly polished individual reflectors for enhanced tanning
Fast tanning tubes
Goggles and full instructions given free of charge

Single Sunbeds

Slimline overhead sunbed canopies are an ideal entry into home hire, fitted with up to 10 X high powered tubes for superior tanning results. 

These sunbeds have a swivel stand and are height adjustable so they can be used in a multitude of ways: stood up, over a conventional bed, positioned over a chair or settee, even over a sun lounger, the choice is yours.

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